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Dyslexia Reading Course (Online)

$ 395.00

10 Online Lessons – You and your child can complete in the comfort of your own home at a time that suits you!

The Dysleixa Reading Course is a fun, new, easy to understand, experiential approach to learning. It is designed to create a conducive learning environment strategically tailored to the dyslexic way of thinking. Your child will learn new skills and techniques to help them in their day to day life, as well as improve their confidence with reading. Your child can become a confidant and accomplished learner, just like Darcy aged 10 below.

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Product Description

Reading Programs for Dyslexia – Online Reading Course Learning Focus:

✔ Self Regulation. – Research consistently shows that self-regulation skill is necessary for reliable emotional well being.
✔ Word Decoding. – The ability to apply your knowledge of letter-sound relationships.
✔ Alphabet Knowledge. (Upper Case) – The ability to name, distinguish shapes, write, and identify the sounds of the alphabet.
Alphabet Knowledge. (Lower Case) – Same as above.
Sight Word Proficiency. – The set of about 100 words where there is no visual meaning.
Phonemic Awareness. – The ability to hear, identify, and manipulate individual sounds-phonemes in spoken words.
Orthographic Knowledge. – Spelling.
✔ Vocabulary. – The ability to go from the printed form of a word to its meaning.
✔ Syntax. – The set of rules that govern the structure of sentences.
✔ Semantics. – The study of meaning.
✔ Reading. – Look at and comprehend the meaning of words.
✔ Eye Tracking. – The ability for your eyes to move smoothly across text.
✔ Integration Techniques. – Eyes and hands to working together.
✔ Grammar Skills. – The structure of a language.
✔ Punctuation. – The marks used in writing to separate sentences and to clarify meaning.
✔ Comprehension. – The ability to understand the meaning behind text.
✔ Core Strength. – Components of balance and stability.


Darcy’s Feedback

“I think the course helped improve my reading, spelling and writing. It’s helped me with concentrating on my homework.” – Darcy 10yrs

“I am so proud of Darcy.  I never thought or knew what the problem was.  The progress has been out of this world!  It hasn’t been easy, there have still been meltdowns, but they haven’t been as often or as bad.  It was a good time to start the course.  The turning point was when he borrowed a book from the library and he was really excited to tell me about the story he’d read.  He doesn’t come home from school with headraces or in a bad mood any more.  There was a wall we couldn’t get through, but you’ve let us into his world so we know how his mind ticks. His confidence is shining through and I can’t thank you enough.” – Felicity, mother of Darcy

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