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Helping your child WRITE Face to Face Course

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The How to help your child Read, Face-to-Face program; provides an individualised plan using multi-sensory, experiential, visual and kinaesthetic aids and activities, as well as new reading techniques with an emphasis on a non-phonics approach to rectify or mitigate the problems associated with having Dyslexia. This program is designed for correction of children and adults who are experiencing reading difficulty.

Course Requirements:
Client aged between: 8 years – adult
Parent or Care Giver supervision and input for final day of Course

Course Includes:
5 full consecutive days of one-on-one remediation with Marianne and Client
1 full day (included in 5 full days above) of support (follow up) training with Parent, Care Giver or Other
Four reviews over a 12 month period following course
All materials required to complete follow up work
Unlimited email support following course to assist with follow up work

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Product Description

The Face-to-Face Program is a two-stage program using a multi-sensory (experiential, visual and kinaesthetic), non-phonic approach.
The first stage is conducted by Marianne either in Crows Nest, NSW, or at your home if you live outside the Sydney metropolitan area – fees apply.
The second stage is practice and implementation at home, mostly through a systematic plan.

The Face-to-Face How to Help your child WRITE, literacy program gives adults and children, over the age of eight, effective strategies to correct the problems experienced with having Dyslexia once and for all. By using the strategies taught at home over time can eliminate the problems for good.

If Dyslexia is recognised and addressed earlier, through the use of our early intervention program ‘How to help your mini Picture Thinker’ problems can be prevented from ever becoming an issue.

First Stage includes:
Individualised plan using multi-sensory (experiential, visual and kinaesthetic) system
New reading techniques with emphasis on a non-phonics approach
Word de-coding skills
Comprehension skills
Focusing techniques
Sight word proficiency

Management of anxiety to help with resilience
The program is provided one-on-one in a stress free environment
The program is done intensively over a 35 hour time frame, that’s 7 hours per day, 5 consecutive days
Training for a family member to support the child at home
Continued email and phone support throughout follow up
Materials required for the follow up work
Four reviews in a 12 month period post program

The address where the program will take place with Marianne either at:
– Dyslexia Answered, Suite 103/8 Clarke Street, Crows Nest
– Your Home

Second Stage includes:
Follow-up work at home. Included in the program is the training of a support person of your choice, and all materials needed for you to follow up at home. The follow-up work is imperative to the success of the program, as the learning difficulty has not been permanently conquered until this work is done. If this work is not done, there is a risk that the benefits experienced may start fading away within a year or two.


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