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Maths Course (Online)

$ 395.00

10 Online Lessons – You can complete in the comfort of your own home at a time that suits you!

The Dysleixa Maths Course is a fun, new, easy to understand, experiential approach to learning. It is designed to create a conducive learning environment strategically tailored to the dyslexic way of thinking. Your child will learn new skills and techniques to help in day to day life, as well as how to improve their confidence with numbers and maths concepts.

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Product Description

SO WHAT’S IN EACH LESSON? – Learning Breakdown.

Lesson 1 – Self Regulation
Lesson 2 – Numbers 1 – 30
Lesson 3 – Addition
Lesson 4 – Subtraction
Lesson 5 – Multiplication
Lesson 6 – Division
Lesson 7 – Fractions
Lesson 8 – Decimals
Lesson 9 – Shapes
Lesson 10 – Space and Geometry


Peter Grant, Father of Ethan

“First of all a brief update on Ethan. We are very pleased with the progress he has made so far. Teachers at school have noticed an improvement in his attention & focus in class. His Maths teacher had given his class a spot test last week, he managed 73%. The teacher said he had to check that it was Ethan’s work, said he was very impressed. He says he is always using his energy regulator and is starting to get a handle on juggling

Yesterday I addressed the staff at the school explaining to them Ethan’s program and they have asked me to come in and teach his class mates some of the strategies he now uses. The head teacher would like to implement a pilot program with his class using these techniques and see if can be beneficial to them! While I am quite confident with teaching them juggling and its benefits, I am less so with explaining them how to use the other focus strategies so any guidance you can give me would be much appreciated.

Thank you again for what you have done for Ethan and we look forward to talking again.”