A Dyslexic Kid Strengths

Dyslexic Kid Strengths

There are many gifts and talents dyslexics can develop because of their dominant visual thinking style. Of course other people are talented too, but the visual thinkers sometimes develop their gifts and talents from a very different perspective.

A dyslexic kid can develop strengths around problem solving – have you ever had your child put together an IKEA flat pack before you’ve had a chance to get your head around the instructions? Does your child build Lego models by looking at the picture, or do they use their imagination to build a structure, testing the limits of construction and learning what will work.

Perhaps your child has a strong creative talent and is good at drawing, painting or sculpting.

Sometimes it’s hard to identify what your child is good at or what particular talent they have. I suggest you encourage your child to have a go at all sorts of activities. If they don’t want to do anything, notice what they like doing. If they are always outside swinging on the clothes line, maybe introduce them to gymnastics or martial arts. If your child likes playing lots of dress ups, role plays or pretend games, consider they might be a budding actor and keep on the lookout for drama class opportunities.

Being a parent is hard work, whether you child is dyslexic or not.

If your child has had special education at school or had a remedial tutor and continues to struggle, there is help and hope. Don’t wait for your child to struggle for another year.

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