What Makes Up Learning Difficulties?

What Makes up Learning Difficulties with dyslexia in children?

Dyslexia runs in families, so if you or one of your relatives has dyslexia, then there is a possibility your child will develop dyslexia (but not always).

There are three things that make learning difficulties for dyslexics.

Number 1 = They are strong visual thinkers.
They continue to prefer the visual thinking style. Especially when they are over 8 years old and are under pressure. When all children are little, they are all visual thinkers. Then at school they start getting introduced to the letters and the sound the letters represent. This is known as phonemic awareness and school uses the phonics method of teaching reading. Up until year 3, the majority of children are making the shift from only thinking visually, to being able to think with the sounds of words.

BUT!! A few children don’t make the shift to verbal thinking. They remain visual thinkers and potentially have a learning difficulty.

Number 2 = Visual thinkers have the ability to alter perception and believe it to be real.
When we alter perception, our brain is not processing the messages accurately from our eyes or ears.

Number 3 = A low threshold for confusion.
The visual thinker who can alter perception easily, and believe it to be real, develops a low threshold for confusion when it comes to two dimensional objects, especially when they are feeling under pressure.

If your child has had special education at school or had a remedial tutor and continues to struggle, there is help and hope. Don’t wait for your child to struggle for another year.

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Tom MullallyWhat Makes Up Learning Difficulties?