Treatments for Dyslexia – Face to Face Learning with Marianne, who has over 10,000 hours Clinical Experience!

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So you’ve made a commitment to improve your child’s learning. Awesome! There is never a ‘perfect’time to start treatments for dyslexia – I know, I’m a parent too. Family life is ALWAYS busy and ALWAYS gets in the way. So taking a step in seeking treatments for dyslexia to solve your child’s learning difficulties can sometimes be really hard. Without a solid plan you are making it much harder on yourself.

Don’t navigate the learning environment on your own. With a Face-to-Face course in reading, writing or maths you will get expert advice and support with tailored learning plans. The courses provide an individualised plan using multi-sensory, experiential, visual and kinaesthetic aids and activities. As well as new reading techniques with an emphasis on a non-phonics approach to rectify or mitigate the problems associated with having Dyslexia. The course is five full consecutive days of one-on-one remediation with Marianne and your child. One of those days is a full day of training for you the parent to follow up the support for your child. By getting this far you have shown yourself that you are ready to give your child the greatest gift – the gift of learning!! And you are absolutely in the right place.

The Online Courses are successful because it’s NOT JUST a quick-fix program. Learning skills are FOR LIFE so consistent positive change and a practice makes perfect attitude is the way to go. There are no overnight transformations here. Only hard work and having fun with learning. We do promise to deliver the tools and strategies which will lead to the kind of positive change in learning you want for your child, and that your child will have for life.

My Mums and Dads have achieved incredible results for their kids using this dyslexia treatment! We will help you and your child re-establish those learning objectives and create new solid foundations for long-lasting change and happiness. “I am just soooo happy; thank you sooo much for your HUGE part in this.
You have no idea what you did for his self-confidence and attitude.
You make a difference.”
“Brendan has been working hard since you left. I am really impressed with his reading and his confidence! He seems really keen and happy to do his reading!
Can’t believe how he can spell all these words now. He is very proud of himself.
Thanks heaps!”


See STEP BY STEP how the Face-to-Face course will work for you!
I come to you, or you come to me.

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  • Help your child write.F2Fgreen

    Helping your child WRITE Face to Face Course

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  • Help your child maths.F2F.yellow

    Helping your child’s MATHS Face to Face Course

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  • Help your child read.F2F

    How to Help your child READ, Face-to-Face Course

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  • Help your miniPC.F2F

    How to Help your MINI Picture Thinker (age 4-7) Face to Face Course

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