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Thank you to all our 2015 Supporters & Attendees. We look forward to welcoming you to the 2016 Dyslexia Conference.

The Dyslexia Conference gives you the opportunity to become more educated about Dyslexia. Not only what it is, but how it can be approached in a learning environment at home with much success. 2015’s Dyslexia Conference on the Mid North Coast gave our guest speaker the opportunity to provide new insight into what having dyslexia actually means. As well as providing information about dyslexia including how to identify it. It also gives answers to the question, what can be done about it? If you are an involved parent, teacher or member of the community and want a Dyslexia Conference in your area please let us know!

Highlights from the Past Dyslexia Conference.

2015 Dyslexia Conference Port Macquarie

2015 Dyslexia Conference – Mid North Coast

Mid North Coast

Coffs Harbour & Port Macquarie.

You can watch this Dyslexia Conference ONLINE!
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The Parent Perspective. With Marianne Mullally. Click Here!
The Teacher Perspective. With Gail Hallinan. Click Here!
The Dyslexic Perspective. With Tom Mullally. Click Here!

Marianne was interviewed on LIVE RADIO!
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2MC FM Drive Interview. With Guy Mylecharane. Click Here!
2CS FM Drive Interview. With Dave White. Click Here!

dyslexia conference 2014

2015 Dyslexia Inland Tour – New England Region

New England Region

Inverell, Armidale, Tamworth & Scone.

Marianne was interviewed on LIVE RADIO!
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ABC Radio Interview. With Sheridan Stewart. Click Here!

An article was written about us in the Armidale Independent
Read the extract below. ‘When words Fail’


When Words Fail

With record numbers of Australian children now being diagnosed with dyslexia, the first online non-phonics program designed specifically for dyslexics has been launched.
Marianne Mullally, who created dyslexia.com.au and co-founded The Dyslexia Association, will be in Armidale next week to help parents of children with dyslexia.
Titled “What do I do when my child struggles to read?”, the free seminars will be at the Ex-Services club on Wednesday 7 May. There are three sessions, at 11am, 2pm and 7pm.
“The inability to read, write and understand the meaning of words is a serious issue. It can cause anxiety for children and adults. As well as low self-esteem, depression and seriously limits employment.” Ms Mullally said.
“A significant number of those with such difficulties are dyslexic.”
Government statistics assessed Australians aged 15 to 74 years. It showed 46% did not have the literacy skills needed to meet the complex demands of everyday life and work.
“Despite our technological advances, literacy remains crucial to living a life of quality.” Ms Mullally said.
“The phonics approaches fail to improve dyslexic children’s reading ability and may further damage their self-esteem”…
“parents get more frustrated when trying to help their child who suffers from the dyslexia. As the method they are using doesn’t work.”

See the page online.

Tom Mullally