Part 3 – The Dyslexic Perspective

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“Do i have dyslexia?”

Many people ask themselves the question ‘do I have dyslexia?’ in an attempt to explain the difficulties they have. Either at school or in life. For me the constant trials and tribulations of learning lead my parents to seek an alternative to the generic teaching method. We all know that there is no one size fits all to learning. For me, and 10% of the population who ask themselves the question do i have dyslexia and are, this is the case. For me, the inability to read or write by the age of 9 had meant that teachers had written me off in terms of learning. After all I am 1 of 3 in a classroom of 30 who had dyslexia. This was effecting my emotional state as a kid. What seemed like all the other kids in the class could read and I couldn’t. My spelling was phonetic, meaning how the word sounded was how the word was spelt. Take for instance the word ‘because’. To me the word sounds like b-e-c-o-s… This is how it sounds. So surly it is how the word is spelt… no. Combine this with my writing format and you had a story that was all over the place, talking about three different topics all with spelling mistakes on nearly every word. Impossible to teach this kid right? My year 2 teacher suggested to my mother when I was 8 that ‘the world needed simple people to do simple tasks’… she had given up on me. My parents didn’t.

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Tom MullallyPart 3 – The Dyslexic Perspective