Part 2 – The Teachers Perspective

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“Teaching students with dyslexia…”

I am passionate about dyslexia. It’s come from over 15 years of teaching students with dyslexia. What I want to share with you today is my knowledge which has come from experience. I want to put you into the shoes of the learner. Sometimes as teachers we need to allow ourselves to do that, to be in the shoes of the learner to understand teaching students with dyslexia.
If you are teaching students with dyslexia in your classroom close your eyes and imagine them. For me it was absolutely profound. For me it wasn’t just a student in my classroom, it was Cassy my daughter. Teachers are supposed to have all the answers – I thought I did. In my training I was sure what to do with all children to teach them how to read… but I didn’t when confronted with teaching students with dyslexia. Of my four children, I thought Cassy was the most innately clever. She just had a way with people, getting to places and her memory was incredible. By the end of kindergarten she didn’t have her sounds and didn’t have her phonics… we spent lots of extra time on it at home. It just didn’t make sense. It just didn’t work for her. So we had to try something different.

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Tom MullallyPart 2 – The Teachers Perspective