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So you’ve made a commitment to improve yourself. Awesome! Whether it be with reading, writing or their general state of mind, every step you take from now on is going to strengthen your mindset and expand your own learning potential. It’s important to know what is going on, so that you can do something about it, and so that you can know that you are not dumb or stupid – because YOU’RE NOT! Every online lesson (there are only 10 MAX in the course) will explain what you will be learning and then teach you. It’s important to know where the topics you will learn come from, as this helps when you try to understand them. Dyslexia treatment for adults is entirely possible, and it does work. See people who have already done the course HERE. You learn differently and that’s fantastic! All we need to do now together is work through what you missed out on at school, with a different approach that works for YOU. School was clearly never able to cater to your learning needs. Well now there is an answer – and you’re always learning so it’s never to late.

By getting this far you have shown yourself that you are ready for change!! And you are absolutely in the right place.

The dyslexia.com.au Online Courses are successful because it’s NOT JUST a quick-fix program. Learning skills are FOR LIFE so consistent positive change and a practice makes perfect attitude is the way to go. There are no overnight transformations here. Only hard work and having fun with learning. We do promise to deliver the tools and strategies which will lead to the kind of positive change in learning you want, and that you will have forever.

Many have gone before you and achieved incredible results for themselves using this dyslexia treatment for adults! After all – you are doing this for YOU! We’re here to help re-establish those learning objectives and create new solid foundations for long-lasting change and happiness. “To my inspirational teacher, Marianne. Thank you, thank you, thank you. What else can I say. You have taken all my worst childhood fears away, which undoubtedly had a substantial impact on my life for more than thirty years. In one week, with simple, clear and without pressure, empowered me with all the belief and tools to overcome them all. The gift you have given me is profound. So I say again thank you, thank you, thank you.”BEN
“I wanted to let you know that Rick is coming along so well – he keeps up his reading and is improving all the time (albeit slow and steady). In recent times he has volunteered to read aloud in group situations (which would never have happened before!) and he read well and confidently (I was so proud! Can I say that about my husband??…but I really was! :)”JULIE wife of RICK


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