Success Stories

More Success Stories…Written to Marianne Following Programs


Shane, Adult Client

“Thank you so much for the last 6 months, I can’t thank you enough for how much you have helped me. Not just with my reading and writing, but comprehension, confidence and speaking pace as well. I will continue to use the skills you have taught me, and I will be sure to recommend your program to people facing the same difficulties as I was.”


Kate, Mother of Hamish

“Just a little update on Hamish’ progress and to thank you for all your hard work which finally seems to be paying off for him.
I am enclosing a copy of his first 1st Place Achievement Award from High School which he received for the Highest Test Result – Starting Science in his Year 7 Class. He was so very excited about receiving it and wanted to “shout it to the world”.
High school is where Hamish is finding his niche in life and he is enjoying it immensely.
I hope this letter finds you and yours happy and well and I look forward to having the opportunity of meeting with you again in the future.
Thank you once again”


Sondra, Mother of Kira

“Thank you so much for coming to Lithgow for 2 weeks to help Keira with her dyslexia and dyspraxia. You have not only helped Keira but you have certainly helped our whole family. I am now looking forward to the future instead of being a little scared of how to help Keira. The most valuable lesson taught to Keira was “Not to give up.” (That goes for all of us!)
During our daily conversations you taught me so many more things in life, which I instantly put into actions. (I don’t think the kids are so keen on them though.)
You experience and knowledge of the education department is a pleasant insight into what we need to do for our children to get them through their school years. No longer can we “bumble” through life, we have to have a clear path of where we are and where we want to be.
I cannot thank you enough for everything you have taught my family and I.
Please pass on my thanks to your family for sharing you with the rest of us. I am one of the lucky families that has found you.
Thank you”

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Where are they Now…10 years on?


Mitchel Short, now aged 19, was 9 when he did a Dyslexia Program

“Dear Marianne,
Team Mitch has done it! HSC completed. He’s a happy, self-assured person (who would have thought!?) who’s looking forward to a gap year (or 2). None of this would have happened without your breakthrough foundation work. We are all so very grateful. Thank you for your intelligence and deep caring.”
Kate Smith – Mitchell’s Mum



James Hine, now aged 19 was 9 when he did a Dyslexia Program

“You helped me develop my reading and writing when I had difficulty. Sometimes, I still have trouble reading (some work) when I am under pressure or anxious, but I just think back to what you taught me all those years ago, so I use those tools and it’s fixed. Thanks for your help!
I have now finished school – Phew! AND, guess what – I am now going to UNI to study Psychology. What a turn of events! The kid who all those years ago struggled… Who went to see psychologists and got diagnosed with dyslexia… Who went to multiple special learning/speech therapists/services, before my parents found you of course, IS NOW off to study Psychology of all things.
Once again thank you. May you continue to help dyslexic kids like me, get to where they want to be.”
James Hine, former Client



Bec Glasscock, now aged 31 was 22 when she did a Dyslexia Program

“Though my school years I really struggled in the classroom ,I really thought I was dumb! On the upside I was very good & passionate about acting, drama, and sport, especially running. When I reached year 10, school became too much. Unfortunately when I went to school, or maybe because I went to school in the country, dyslexia wasn’t acknowledged.

Then when I moved to New Zealand (Auckland), left school soon after and went to Hairdressing collage. When I was at the collage the Head of School picked up that I could be dyslexic because I was winding the perm rods back the front. As she was dyslexic, and said that, she use to do the same thing, she thought maybe it was worth me getting tested. Sure enough It was confirmed I’m severely dyslexic. I was only 16 years old at the time and the child Psychologist in NZ said I was too old to do anything about it!

Years went on with a painful struggle, this was affecting my self-esteem big time. I couldn’t hold down a job, I felt so down on myself.

At 22, I said to my family ‘I can’t cope living like this there has to be help out there.’ Luckily for me my family are very supportive and loving, so they agreed. I remember my sister and I were doing a search on the computer and Marianne’s name and site stood out to me. So I made an appointment with Marianne and yes 100% I’m dyslexic.

Marianne said if I was willing to put the hard yards in I could do it. Marianne was running an Adult program that would help me control my disorientation without med’s which sounded awesome. :)

I feel very lucky and blessed that I had the opportunity to have met and worked with Marianne, and like-minded people who understand and are dealing with the same issues.

Marianne has thought me many strategies to help me deal with and control my disorientation, which is a major part of learning to work with dyslexia and not make it an enemy but a unique gift.

I would recommend the dyslexia program to children & adults who want to feel in-powered by dyslexia instead of seeing dyslexia as the end of the world, as I did. The only way this will happen is to commit to the program. I’m so grateful for the life long tools and opportunities by doing this course.

Now, I can read a script and comprehend it without having a meltdown. I can hold a job down! :)

Marianne’s program has definitely made my life easier, this is not a cure but you will gain your own personal power and strategies to help make life a lot, lot easier.

Thank you Marianne!”
Bec Glasscock, former Client

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