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Congratulations on taking a step towards your exciting future! Join Australia’s #1 Adult Dyslexia Treatment Online.

At we are extremely proud of our adult clients and what they have achieved. For many adults with dyslexia, years of frustration and inability has meant that learning has become a painful activity. The step to seek adult dyslexia treatment is hard, but it can lead to a lasting change to your health, wellbeing and learning! It all starts with YOU. Learning to prioritise yourself is crucial to achieving your goals. If you’ve been putting yourself at the back of the queue it’s time to think ahead and lock in a plan. Your inspiration to start adult dyslexia treatment may vary! Everyone’s different. Some start the course because they are being held back at work or their job is on the line. Others just want to make a change for themselves.
There is no ‘one size fits all to learning’! The thrill of knowing that you are not dumb or stupid is sometimes all you need. The possibilities are endless with a different approach to learning that works for YOU! Let’s do this together.


We are so proud of them. Imagine what you can achieve…

Check out Loui’s video!

Louis came to Marianne after getting sick and tired of trusting people. Although running his own successful business, Loui started looking for adult dyslexia treatment because he wanted to retire and travel Australia. He couldn’t do that until he was confidant about reading. “When I open the letter box and something comes, I’ve always opened the letter and never been able to read it… It doesn’t matter how old you are you’re always learning, so if you’re not learning about one thing you’re learning about another, and I’ve decided to learn to read.”Read More

Check out Ben’s video!

Ben searched for adult dyslexia treatment after finding out his son had dyslexia and was struggling at school as he did. After getting help for his son, Ben then got help for himself. “I always struggled through school and I never know that I had dyslexia. It took to find Ruben my son struggling through school to realise that what I have is diagnosable and adult dyslexia treatment was going to help. Probably for me it was the emotional side of school and thinking that I was stupid… that’s how I felt. I struggled. It took me a long time to read information in my business. I’ve got to read it three or four times… it takes me a lot of time to get through that. So it did affect me.”Read More

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✔ Self Regulation
✔ Word Decoding
✔ Alphabet Knowledge Upper Case
✔ Alphabet Knowledge Lower Case
✔ Sight Word Proficiency
✔ Phonemic Awareness
✔ Orthographic Knowledge (Spelling)
✔ Vocabulary
✔ Syntax
✔ Semantics
✔ Pencil Grip
✔ Reading
✔ Eye Tracking
✔ Integration Techniques
✔ Number Recognition
✔ Email
✔ Note Taking
✔ Mind Mapping
✔ Print Writing
✔ Head to Hand Writing
✔ Grammar Skills
✔ Punctuation
✔ Comprehension
✔ Core Strength

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