Adult Dyslexia – Louis 67 years old

An inspiring story of Adult Dyslexia from Louis.

“My name’s Louis, I’m 67 years old and I run my own disability Taxi service. I come from Morgan in 1956 and was educated in various schools, and my reading wasn’t very good.
When I open the letter box and something comes… I’ve always opened the letter and never been able to read it. You know?
I’ve been running my Taxi service for 30 years. I decided to get help with my reading.
I tend to never let it (adult dyslexia) hold me back. But I’m very sure it did at various times. I just got by with people helping me and having to trust a lot of people. Trust that what they were writing was right! Certainty it would have been a lot better if I have had learnt to read. Due to of modern technology I wanted to go one more stage in my life and at 67 I was introduced to an adult dyslexia course. I inquired about it and it’s all happening. It’s actually enjoying learning! For the first time I sat down and listened to someone teaching me.

I did the adult dyslexia course 3 months ago. I found that I’m eager to keep learning to read… practice makes perfect.
Only the other day I went to register a new car for a taxi. With a little help from the lady behind the desk I practically for the first time in 30 years the transfer of plates from one car to another! I can honestly say that after doing that I walked out and realised ‘Jesus, I’ve just done that!’.

I have had different conversations with people since taking up the course. One was with the lady next door. She said ‘good-on-ya Loui, one foot in the grave and you wanna learn to read’.
Certainly I have come across one or two people… everybody; customers, friends, relations and I’ve told them what I’ve done. They have all thought that it’s a great thing. No one really worried about my age.

If anyone worries about it (adult dyslexia), it doesn’t matter how old you are you’re always learning. So if you’re not learning about one thing you’re learning about another, and I’ve decided to learn to read.” – Louis

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Tom MullallyAdult Dyslexia – Louis 67 years old