A Mothers Dyslexic Daughter

Cathy, Mother of Annie talks about their success and the early signs of dyslexia.

“I use to find early signs of dyslexia when Annie would be doing her spelling words. She would just be blank. Totally zoned out. When we did her reader she was told what the word was on one page… Then when we went to the next page she had no idea what the word was. We had only just read it and she was told what it was!

Annie’s father is dyslexic. I didn’t know anything about dyslexia or what the early signs of dyslexia were. But I presumed that’s what it may have been.

The school did absolutely nothing. So in the end, through frustration, I sauced out my own help. I jumped on the internet and had a scout round. Then the school convinced me to leave it a bit longer saying that she would possibly develop her reading skills later. I still was frustrated. They couldn’t give me any follow up help so I then swapped schools. We then did another reading program at the new school… Eventually the school remediation lady on the last day of the year told me ‘why don’t you have her tested privately to see if she is dyslexic’.

So I jumped onto the internet and sauced out a place to have her tested in the holidays. I was then referred to Marianne for help. Marianne was initially the lady I rang up looking for help in kindergarten in the first place!

Marianne came in on the Monday, oh it wasn’t good… Tuesday… On Wednesday night Annie was singing in the shower! It’s the first time I have heard the child sing with delight.” – Kathy

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Tom MullallyA Mothers Dyslexic Daughter