A Dyslexic Child and her Grandmother

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Grace, a 13 year old with Reading Difficulties & her Grandmother Leah

Grace – “I could read, but I just didn’t understand any of the things that I was reading.”

Was it all confusing?
Grace – “Yer, I was always confused in English and I didn’t know…”

What lead you to believe it might be dyslexia?
Grace – “My friend was talking about reading difficulties, and she said the signs and what happens when you have dyslexia. I thought it was very similar to what was happening to me. I searched it up on google, and I did an online test. It said that ‘you could have dyslexia’.”

So what did you do then?
Grace – “I told Nan, and she called you.”

Why did Nan call me and not your mum?
Grace – “I didn’t want to tell my Mum unless I actually had it.”
Leah – “I thought it must have really been worrying her, or she wouldn’t have told me about it. Besides that, I’ve got a Grandson with dyslexia and I thought ‘well it might be that, and we’d better check it out’. Also, the reason Grace didn’t say anything to her Mother was because her Mother is deaf, and she thought she’d discuss it with me first, and then we could ask her Mother about it.”
Grace – “I went for a test, and it turned out that I did have Dyslexia, so then I had a program.”

Had the school noticed that anything was not right with you?
Grace – “No.”

So you were able to get by using lots of other different strategies, but by year eight it was a bit much?
Grace – “Yes.”

Leah – “We had this test and it showed that ‘yes’ Grace did have it, which was very helpful. Grace and I have lessons together, reading and that, and also she does some work with her Mum. She’s getting much more confident.
Grace was being tutored, but she never really did wonderful things when it came to exams, and I was talking to the tutor and he said ‘she doesn’t present as being dyslexic’. So it was very hard. I’m just glad that Grace worked it out herself.”

Four weeks after the program…

Grace – “I can remember what I’m reading and in tests I don’t get frustrated. I can finish them!”
Leah – “She’s looking happier, she’s got a different outlook and it’s great!”

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