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More Success Stories…Written to Marianne Following Programs


Louise, Mother of Will

“Hi Marianne, just to let you know I have just received Will’s Year 5 Naplan results…:)
Reading in Year 3 was below the national average, he is now just above the national average.
Bit hard to compare everything, because as you know the ‘Bands’ change.
But at least he has gone up bands in everything, and you will not believe this one……Band 7 – above the School Average and the ‘range of achievement for middle 60% of students they show’ for…..Grammar & Punctuation!!!!!!
Spelling still low – now Band 5, where it was Band 2 in Year 3. But in Year 3 he was lower than that ‘60% range’; now he is on the bottom part of it! :)
Persuasive writing Band 5 and nearly in middle of that 60% range, but as expected, the band where they stick with simple words, just get basic structure right etc.
I am just soooo happy; thank you sooo much for your HUGE part in this.
You have no idea what you did for his self-confidence and attitude.
You make a difference.”


Anne, Mother of Samantha

“Samantha is going well thanks and is in the top group for reading and comprehension at school – work that one out!”


Jess, Mother of Tyra

“I just wanted to let you know that we are really proud of Tyra cause she got an achievement award in Science at school. It wasn’t for reading, but what is go good is that she’s now really interested in reading books about science.
I think her reading has improved so much! We have a no TV in the morning policy and it works really well.
Thank you so much for all your help!”


Ben, 39 y/o adult client

“To my inspirational teacher.
Thank you, thank you, thank you. What else can I say. You have taken all my worst childhood fears away, which undoubtedly had a substantial impact on my life for more than thirty years. In one week, with simple, clear and without pressure, empowered me with all the belief and tools to overcome them all.
The gift you have given me will be a profound gift for at least two generations. So I say again thank you, thank you, thank you.
Sincerely, Ben and Louise”


Animals, By Max age 7
Written after finishing a face-to-face program with Marianne

“When you go walking in the bush… LOOK OUT!
Reptiles lay eggs. Reptiles have scales. All reptiles are carnivores (e.g. lizards are carnivores even though they eat small things like bugs).
Mammals have live babies. Mammals have fur. Mammals are herbivores. Herbivores are vegetarians.
Fish have gills. Gills help them breathe under water. They can swim very fast.
Next time you go for a walk in the outback, beware of animals.”


Teresa, Mother of Angus

“Angus has just gone from strength to strength – and studying what he really enjoys (advanced English, extension history, modern history, economics, legal studies and advanced maths). Who would of thought? Angus loves school and is working well. He is hoping to get into Economics / Commerce at NSW or Sydney
He is so much happier and an absolute delight as he feels good about himself. We really need to thank you for helping him so much – life changing for him (and us as he is happy).”


Peter Grant, Father of Ethan

“First of all a brief update on Ethan. We are very pleased with the progress he has made so far, his reading has improved significantly as has his desire to read. Teachers at school have noticed an improvement in his attention & focus in class. His Maths teacher had given his class a spot test last week, he managed 73%. The teacher said he had to check that it was Ethan’s work, said he was very impressed. He says he is always using his energy regulator and is starting to get a handle on juggling

Yesterday I addressed the staff at the school explaining to them Ethan’s program and they have asked me to come in and teach his class mates some of the strategies he now uses. The head teacher would like to implement a pilot program with his class using these techniques and see if can be beneficial to them! While I am quite confident with teaching them juggling and its benefits, I am less so with explaining them how to use the other focus strategies so any guidance you can give me would be much appreciated.

The head teacher, Matt, has also asked me to inquire whether it would be OK with you if he got in contact with you for any direction you could give him.

Thank you again for what you have done for Ethan and we look forward to talking again.”


Sal, Mother of Claudia

“Hi Marianne,

How are you? We are all well. The Christmas rush and season has certainly started here with kids activities and work/community functions!

Claudia and I thought we would send you pictures of Claudia’s work she has completed so far. Unfortunately we haven’t got as much done as I would have wished for but we have made a start! Unfortunately Lucy, Sarah and I have been unable to coordinate a time suitable for us all to get together so I am just working with Claudia at this stage. She is doing really well with the work and loves doing it!
Claud is going really well with the reading strategies and has confessed that she loves reading now… what a break through! Her behavior is certainly challenging Rod and I more than ever but I am sure that is part of growing up and is not about her course work and more about our expectations of her as part of our family. She has really only gone into ‘shut down mode’ with her reading a couple of times, earlier on. We remove ourselves and give her the cool down time she needs, reminding her that she is the only one to control her frustrations. We hopefully are getting there!
She still loves doing her juggling and talks about using her energy at certain parts of her day, it is part of her language now! Her skills when talking to people are improving, and I can see that her confidence is building. She recited a poem at school assembly, last Friday, on her own – she spoke a little quickly but she did it on her own!
Anyway we have a plan continue the work every Sunday morning and I am sure Claudia will make sure that will become part of her routine! It has taken over a month to get going which is all my doing unfortunately! You will notice that we have worked at the kitchen bench, I will buy some colored vinyl next time I am in Dubbo!
We hope you are well and have a wonderful Christmas with your family.
Kind Regards,


Melissa, Mother of Ben

“I really don’t know how to thank you and your program, please know that all the successes Ben will achieve in his life would not have been possible without your love, dedication and skill, may you continue to change children and adults’ lives for many years to come.
Love Melissa”


Colleen, Mother of Joel

“I have full faith in this method, it is giving Joel the ability to spend 10 minutes a day reading and building up his word base – onwards and upwards!”


Emma, Mother of Brendan

“Hi Marianne,
Hope you are well!
Brendan has been working hard since you left. I am really impressed with his reading and his confidence! He has been good with his reading, only missing one day when he was quite sick with a bad headache. I have set up a reward system for him that he has had input into which is really helping but he seems really keen and happy to do his reading!
Can’t believe how he can spell all these words now. He is very proud of himself.
Thanks heaps”


Kelly, Mother of Zeke

“Here’s one of your happy clients!
Thought I’d send you a note to let you know how Zeke is doing! Great! He loves high school.
He is such a beautiful and confident boy because of your ideas and he now cooks dinners and contributes to the family!
I hope you are doing well and again thank you, you are a life saver!”


David & Ane, Father & Mother of Jack

“We have some fabulous news for you, Jack got Dux of Year 4 last year. The great thing was it was an award based on an accumulation of his results over the year, not something chosen by his teacher. He was so very happy and we were so pleased to see him set a goal, work hard and achieve it. His work with you has really paid off. He also won the writing competition for his grade and got a credit in the NSW Uni ICAS Writing competition during the year.
We will continue the program this year as we can see we can keep working to improve his reading. The good news is that he has been able to improve his reading so it is not affecting him as much as it was.
Thanks again,
David & Ane from Dunedoo”


Julie, Wife of Rick

“I wanted to let you know that Rick is coming along so well – he keeps up his reading and is improving all the time (albeit slow and steady). In recent times he has volunteered to read aloud in group situations (which would never have happened before!) and he read well and confidently (I was so proud! Can I say that about my husband??…but I really was! :)”


Caroline, Mother of Isaac

“Hi Marianne,

I am sorry to bombard you! But I have to let you know of my excitement.

I went to see Isaac’s class teacher and integration teacher on Thursday. I explained all of what we did in Sydney, and how I knew that the technique would work for Isaac. I explained how I was skeptical about it right up until Isaac could recite the alphabet with his eyes closed. I was confident then that this method would help Isaac tremendously. And I explained how the words we have modeled in plasticine have been much more successful with Isaac retaining these than any other methods. I explained the reading method and how Isaac is getting results from this.

I explained the self regulation strategies and how they work, and how they impact Isaac.

The teacher was extremely interested. He took down your website and name to look up. He has only been teaching for a couple of years and he is interested in anything to help himself in the classroom, he told me.

The next day, Isaac had a new homework worksheet with the instructions ‘look up the definition for these words, model them, stick a photo in your homework book and test yourself by spelling the word out loud.’ Also, Isaac told me that on Friday, his teacher had done the ‘relax’ with the whole class…!

I must say, this is the first time that I have felt anyone in the school pay real attention to me. I am quite excited by this.

The integration aide wasn’t as good at listening. She sat there and appeared to listen to me but then had a long talk about her methods of teaching and none of it was anything like what I had just explained. Sounding things out etc. So I think I need more conversations with her….? Unless the classroom teacher can get to her. Although, I think she is half keen. She has sent me photocopies of worksheets to help with words like before and after. And the word list for Prep and Grade 1.Anyway, we added up all the words Isaac knows on the weekend – he knows about 50 words now! This is a vast improvement from pre-Sydney.

Just so that life doesn’t become easy, Isaac threw a complete wobbly on Sunday about the follow up work. (We had not done any the previous weekend due to birthday). I had to be so hard on him, there was the biggest power struggle yet. I am hoping that this may be the turning point. I had to take all toys out of his room, and said he could come out when he was ready to work, but
he had to be happy too! He did eventually come out ready and did the two homework tasks beautifully. We then went for a swim as a reward!

Just thought I would let you know about this. I hope I am not boring you. You must get so many people giving you similar stories. Although I would have to question whether there is another 7yo boy in Australia that is as strong willed as Isaac.”


Karen, Mother of Josh

“Josh is reading Marianne!!! This is his third book this holiday – 5 days! I would have thought them too hard 4 months ago. I bought him a book yesterday, and he had it finished by lunchtime today, so we raced to the bookshop to buy another. He has 7 on order from the bookshop! I can’t believe it. He tells us all about them in intricate detail and when everyone else is sick of listening, I’m sitting there with bated breath. It has finally clicked. Thank-you!”


Sharon, Mother of Paul

“Just a quick not to let you know that Paul got 86 for his UAI in the HSC. He received his first preference in tertiary study – Ba of Forensic Chemistry at UTS, and started Uni last week.
Thank you for all the hard work you put into helping him come to grips with his learning style. I’m positive that it helped. I don’t think he will be back for a review any time soon!”


Louise, Mother of Ben

“Thank you so much for all that you have helped Ben with.
I am very impressed with the whole word reading method and would recommend it to any child struggling in this fashion.
His assignment load this term has been horendous, but not only from his point of view. The year adviser has apologised and restructured to rest of the assignments due so that the kids are not so overloaded.
All in all though, he is able to structure his work time better. The mind map strategy and post-it notes are really valuable, my older daughter is also using them.
Any way, thanks again”

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